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Mythography Creations

Mythography Creations ®

Fantasy portraits and artworks that seek to tell a new, imaginative story in themes range from 'just a hint of magic' to otherworldly creature creations to the completely surreal.
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Portraiture and Figurative

Fine Art Portraiture and Figure Work

Known for classically-influenced black & white children's portraits with a pure, soulful look as well as expressive styes in fine art nude work -- for personal or commercial projects, adaptable to any age or personality type.
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Dance and Performing Arts

Dance & Performing Arts

The movement, visual artistry, drama, and beauty of dance; musicians and other performing artists, both on stage and off.
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Other Work

Scenic and Everything Else

The beauty of our planet and its life, the horses and pets we adore, general portrait work, human architecture and creations, commercial projects ... examples of these and other subjects are here!
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Restricted Access Portfolios

To prevent inappropriate access or misuse by search engines etc, images containing nudity or other sensitive content are access within restricted portfolio areas -- see this page for information. Read About/Access Restricted Portfolio Areas