Fine Art Portrait & Figurative Work

The general definition of portrait includes any artistic representation of a person in which the face and its expression is predominant -- with an intent to display the likeness, personality, individuality, and even the mood of the person. So what elevates a portrait to 'fine art' and sets it apart from billions of general portraits out there? Of course it is a subjective distinction and I don't want to dive into a debate about what is art or fine art and what is not. For me, it is simply an indicator of images requiring additional levels of design, skill, creativity, and/or effort to make. There is nothing wrong with general portraits. But fine art portraiture tends to be more unique and precise, and hopefully attains a more timeless and universal aesthetic.

Are you looking for a soulful, intimate portrait or to create expressive art with your body? I work to combine classical training, contemporary influences, and a collaborative approach to design personalized portraiture and fine art nudes. My signature styles adapt beautifully to adults, children, and relationships.

Signature Portrait/Fine Art Nude Styles

The most popular specialties among clients over the years
While capable of a range of styles and approaches, along with Mythography Creations ® I favor these specialties because they have earned the most critical praise and been consistent client favorites over the years. Sessions in these styles can include fine art portraiture, figurative art, or both.

Bare Essentials -- "Let us distill the subject's form and individuality to their essence. Veils and distractions are left behind, replaced with light so precise that it wraps like a second skin." Timeless human expression is freed from the distorion of 'fashion' to shine on its own -- baring the essential persona and form in a beautifully honest way. Nuances of light and shadow, flesh and bone, pose and expression are rendered in black and white or toned monochrome. The result is a breath of soulful purity in a complex world that is increasingly polluted with noise and distraction.
-- Best for: baby, child, adult portrait; relationships such as parent-child; figurative art
-- Planning/Prep Complexity: LOW
-- Logistical Complexity: MEDIUM (usually photographed indoors home or studio)

NatureBound -- "We swim in technology, both wonderful and horrific. But is that what defines us? Makes us human? No. We are made from the stuff of nature, tied to it even as we try to defy it. It is my goal with this style to design images showing the elemental connection between individual and nature, and how we humans intertwine with it."
-- Best for: portraiture for children/adults or figurative art emphasizing natural elements
-- Variations: celebration of connections to natural settings (forest, meadow, river, etc) or more specific elements (stone, trees, water, earth, etc) (ask about discount for helping me experiment and produce additional portfolio variations on this theme)
-- Planning/Prep Complexity: MEDIUM (identify locations, concept development & prep)
-- Logistical Complexity: MEDIUM to HIGH (usually photographed in outdoor setting)

image Classicality -- "Begin with study of classical painters such as Rembrandt and Adolphe William Bouguereau, and take in the inspiration of their ability to render light and color on canvas. Add the influences of masters in available light photography such as David Hamilton. Combine such elements--sometimes for subtle influence on an otherwise traditional portrait, sometimes for a painterly scene or tableau in rich colors and tones."
-- Best for: timeless classical portraiture for children or adults; romantic portraits or nudes
-- Planning/Prep Complexity: LOW to MEDIUM depending on costuming, concept etc
-- Logistical Complexity: MEDIUM-HIGH (photographed in home, studio, or location)

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(This gallery contains no explicit nudity; see below for additional portfolio area)

About Figure & Fine Art Nude

Limitless creative potential of the human figure as critical accent or entire focus of the image.
image It is a misconception that only professional models can successfully create figurative art. I do sometimes work with experienced models, but I've collaborated with portrait clients, beginner models, and 'regular people' too. Whether timid or bold, we almost always manage to create beautiful, interesting, and expressive work -- whether the goal is personal art, a specific project, or just a creative experiment. I have been told by subjects/models of just about every age and personality type that they enjoyed the process and result, finding it non-creepy and sometimes surprisingly therapeutic as a boost to expression and self-esteem. Have questions or an idea for a potential creative project? Contact me for a non-judmental discussion and honest appraisal of what may be feasible. Bring specific ideas, or just a concept for me to interpret!

Some figurative art images (i.e. non-portrait) are included in the main gallery linked above, images containing artistic nudity are in a restricted portfolio - see this link for more info.
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