Author/Photographer Jeff Knowles

Official Website of the Maryland-based Artist
Welcome to Ardent Images, the website and business name for literary and artistic endeavors by Jeff Knowles. This is not a place for closed-mindedness, negativity, or a barrage of time-draining posts to keep up with and "like". There are plenty of social media sites for that (and yes we are on some of those too). May you instead find this site to be a refreshingly calm corner of thoughtful visual and literary expression featuring one artist's creativity and collaborations. Relax, breathe, check out the galleries and information, and feel free to contact Jeff with any feedback or inquiries.

Realistic Fantasy
Fantastic Reality

Fusion of the Classical, Ordinary, and Whimsical
image Why "Ardent"? The word means passionate, fiery, bright -- or originally, "burning" or "glowing". All of these suitably describe the spark of creativity behind Ardent Images. Jeff cannot afford to be an artist or writer full-time, unfortunately. But that does not diminish his professional approach to creative projects nor his need to experiment and create.

What sort of spark? The Ardent Images style emphasizes a subtle balance and integration of influences that are often not thought of as compatible. You may find the results to your tastes or you may not. But Jeff believes the human experience is complex and blended like that, and thus art that reflects that reality is more enduring. So, he blends and combines. Fantasy scenes in ordinary settings, with classical esthetics. An individual's complexity emphasized by stripping away external complexities. The dynamic beauty of dance without relying on cliche dance poses. A full-length novel that is a whimsical fairytale, an epic fantasy, a picture book, and an intimate character story all at once. In life we must balance many elements that do not naturally get along very well, and so it is a goal in Jeff's art.